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Gene Editing Will Change Everything


The genie is out of the bottle: After Jennifer Doudna’s and Samuel Sternberg’s book "A crack in Creation", the question is no longer whether humans will change their genome; the question is when - and how.

Already, we are trying to fix genetic mutations to cure genetic diseases. Example: Sickle Cell Disease.

Soon, we may edit the human genome to "improve" ourselves. If you think that's crazy SciFi, check out Enriquez' and Gullan's book about "Evolving ourselves". 

Imagine: A world with different human races that emerged from genetic editing. What prejudices would they have of each other? What would they learn from each other? Would erotic love still be possible? Are the altered creatures super-human or deficient in humanity?

What could happen if a genetically "improved" woman from a distant world falls in love with a "raw," unedited man from Earth? Click here if you'd like to find out.

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