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"A thrilling race to save the planet and humanity itself." - Kirkus. 


A thousand years from now, Nick and Aurora work on their dream of opening Earth’s last nature preserve to visitors from distant planets. When a radical ecological organization displaces Nick as the sanctuary’s head, suspicious activities lead Aurora to investigate. What she discovers is an incomprehensible evil that will change history for years to come.  

Soon, a deadly pandemic breaks out on Earth, caused by a germ with a mysterious origin. The government calls on Nick to crack the germ’s genetic code. As they realize drastic measures must be taken to save humankind, Nick and Aurora must make an impossible decision for the greater good, even if it means sacrificing their life together.

When Nick finally returns, he is celebrated as the savior of humankind. But will he also succeed in rekindling the love between Aurora and him?


(Availabale on AMAZON Mid June)

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